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Two Worlds II

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[code] A few years after the fateful events in Part 1 of the “Two Worlds” saga, the
power of Gandohar, the Dark Imperator, is at its peak. The joy and relief
experienced by the populace of Antaloor when he conquered the proud Orcs was
soon brutally stifled by his reign of unbelievable terror. The depths of his
evil character were revealed much too fast… and much too cruelly. Only one
warrior with the combined power of two worlds can destroy this spell of evil
– and the people yearn for his coming. But… the hero is a prisoner in the
city’s deepest dungeon, so he’ll have to start out on the path to his
adventures from this dark and gloomy location. He’ll enjoy victories and
taste bitter defeats, he’ll be betrayed and befriended and he’ll be met by
mind-boggling mysteries and sudden surprises on his travels. However, new
powers are entering the scene – and they will plunge the player deep into
Antaloor’s past. One quest will take the hero back to his roots, present him
with surprising twists and turns in the game – and transport him into a truly
new dimension in the RPG genre. Gameplay”Two Worlds II” offers a perfect
symbiosis of the most important RP features – sheer atmosphere and dazzling
technology. A complex quest system with an exciting main story that leads you
through the world of Antaloor, plus lots of secondary scenarios with their
corresponding quest stories ensure that the followers of the main story AND
the adventurous souls who love the danger of exploring unknown regions will
ALL get their money’s worth… and more! Completely revised AI and Balancing
standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and the fabulously
intuitive management of magic are all a guarantee of even more game enjoyment
for both RPG professionals and those who are new to the genre. Then we have
the GRACE engine, especially developed for “Two Worlds II”. In combination
with the extremely flexible MoCap system, it enables unheard-of freedom of
movement when the hero is walking, running, involved in combat and
interacting with his environment. “Two Worlds II” is graphically superb,
thanks to technological highlights like an unlimited number of dynamic light
sources, 24 bit HDR post-processing and Real Eye Adaption.FeaturesAn active
combat system with variable attack moves, parrying and special
tricksState-of-the-art technology, thanks to a powerful GRACE engine and
special toolsCRAFT system (Complete Reshaping And Forging Technology) for
customizing weapons and armouryLots of mini-games for enhancing
gameplayIndividual magic system thanks to DEMONS technologyIntuitive user
interface for the Magic and Skill systemsMany Boss opponents, with unique
rewards Set up your own workshop with the CWE system (Correlated Workflow
Efficiency)Mercenaries and magically-created beings accompany the
playerComplex object management with movable and usable items Flexible MoCap
system guarantees realistic everyday movements and combat Extensive
Multiplayer part including building/setup sim.




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